May 21, 2017

Jason: Week Thirty-Four, Day Seven

Moudy sighed as he cleaned up after Jackson and his buddies.  A few of the boys had stayed late into the night playing on the new game system, and they left a mess.

Seriously? A dirty sock in the middle of the floor? It was like cleaning up after his frat brothers!
Lacie woke up early, working on her homework.  She was currently working on getting an A+ report card.  She wanted to be an honor student.  She worked hard in school every day.  Recently, her teacher had assigned an extra credit assignment, reading Demand Excellence or You'll Get Mediocrity.

She was kind of hoping to get together with Hasan to read it together.
"Hey Hasan. I was wondering if you wanted to do the extra credit with me..." she said hesitantly.  They weren't dating or anything.  He hadn't even tried to kiss her.  But, they'd gone together to prom... totally as friends!

But, her heart started fluttering when she was around him and she was pretty sure she liked him.

She held her breath and waited for his answer.

"Sure!" he told her eagerly, at least she thought he sounded kinda eager.  "See you at 10?"

"Yeah, that sounds great. See you then!" she rushed, feeling elated and breathless.

"Where are you headed?" Moudy asked, still cleaning when Macie skipped down the steps.
"I'm gonna go study with Hasan at the library," she told him happily.  She couldn't help the silly grin she had on her face.

Moudy smiled.  Good for Macy, he thought.  It was time she came out of her shell a little bit.  And he liked the Hasan kid.  He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. Not like the boy Lacie had been seeing.  He could tell Hector was nothing but trouble.  Thankfully, she claimed she wasn't seeing him anymore.

"Hey Hasan," Macy said with a shy smile.

"Hey Macy," he said with a quick wave.  "Ready to get started?"

"Mmhmm," she nodded with agreement. 
They headed upstairs and soon had their noses buried in the books.

"Dad, seriously! I don't know what happened! Ken just tried to change the input to ExoEdge after we watched a movie and the screen just blacked out!"
"Don't worry, it should be easy to fix.  I'll show you," Moudy said readily.  He'd spent a lot of time fixing things.
Moudy grabbed his toolbox and started messing with the tv, talking as he worked.  "You should always make sure to disconnect the appliances from electricity to stay safe.
Moudy finished screwing the monitor back together.  "Yup. It was just a loose cord.  All fixed," he announced proudly.

"Wow, that's so cool, Dad. I bet you know how to fix anything!"

"And that is how it's done, kid," Moudy said smugly.  "Your old Dad's got it going on, huh?"
Jackson glanced away and lowered his gaze.  "Uh... sure..." he mumbled.  Parents could be so weird!
To celebrate, the boys loaded up the ExoEdge and started a racing game.  "I got pretty good at this last night!" Jackson bragged.  "I'll try not to spank you too bad!"
Jackson gasped when his Dad's car swirved in front of him and sent him spiraling into the railing, catching on fire.  "Hey! How the heck did you do that?!" he grumbled, tapping at his controller when his car restarted at the starting line.
"I told you, I've got skills you don't even know about, kid!" Moudy bragged, expertly manuevering his car around the track. "Lapped you!"


After they finished the assigned chapter, Macy and Hasan worked on the paragraph description.

"Ugh, that was such a boring book!" Hasan complained.

Macy glanced over.  "Yeah.  I mean, how many times did they say extrordinary? Probably 100!"

Hasan chuckled. "I wonder if we'd get extra credit for counting how many times.  I don't think I want to know enough to actually count, though!"

"Yeah, no way am I reading that again! The extra 5 points will put me over the top, though!" Macy admitted softly.

Settling back into work, they completed their paragraphs and sighed with relief.
"Thanks for studying with me," she said, pausing, hoping that he'd kiss her or something.   Her heart beat a little faster with anticipation.

But he didn't make a move.  "Yeah, no problem," he told her, seeming as though he was waiting for something, as well.

"Well, see you at school Monday," she said finally, reaching down to grab her backpack.

"Yeah, see you," he told her frowning now.

She waited a second more and then walked off, disappointed beyond belief. 

"Ugh, yeah, I'm totally still grounded," Lacie grumbled.  She rolled her eyes.  "No, I'm not going to sneak out to meet you anywhere, doofus," she told Hector.  She paused, listening to him complaining.  "Well, you'll just have to wait until school on Monday," she said primly.  "Listen, I'm gonna go."

She hung up quickly, dialing Tomas Black-Goth.  He was Jeremy Vasquez's cousin and totally cute.  She'd thought Jeremy had a thing for her, but apparently not.  She'd tried to kiss him once and he'd turned her down.

If Tomas knew what was good for him, he wouldn't turn her down!

Liz only had 4 more chapters and she'd be done with her mixology certification.  It was really taking her a long time to finish in between all the demands on her time.  She glanced at her watch.  She bet she could finish tonight if she powered through it.

"Did you hear that?" Moudy called running from the house.
There'd been an odd whistling sound.

"It was just my car crashing again," Jackson laughed from the living room.  "I'm totally going to beat you!" he crowed happily now, continuing the race even though his dad had sprinted outside.
Moudy saw neighbors pouring from their homes.

"Did you hear that?" a neighbor called out, glancing around the block.

Moudy nodded. "I heard it.  Was there a car accident?" he asked, looking up and down the street.

"I don't know," he heard another neighbor say.  "It sounded like missle."
"Stay inside," Moudy said sharply when Macy started to run outside.

"But..." she started to argue.

"Inside!" he said firmly, pointing back inside.  "Liz, baby, come inside," he said.
She was still reading her book, not even looking up.
"Wait, what's that?" an elderly man called out, pointing up at the sky.

"I don't see anything!" someone else called.

Moudy looked up, scanning the sky.
He didn't see anything either - just the twin lights from the movie theater.
"I don't..." he said the moment before the explosion, his breath catching in his throat.
"LIZ!" he shouted, barely able to make out her form through all the fire and the smoke.
Jason had just returned home when the explosion detonated near his front porch.  Stumbling, he jumped back and covered his ears.
His ears were ringing from the cacophony of noise and screams.  His hand came away with blood.  Holy crap... what the hell?
"LIIIIIIIZ!!!!" Moudy screamed.

"It was a meteor!" one of the neighbors called out, holding his hands to his ears and yelling loudly to be heard over the chaos.  "A f-ing HUGE meteor!  HOLY HELL!"
Macy fumbled for her phone.  "There was an explosion," she gasped.  "We need firefighters. And an ambulance! I think.. oh my plumbbob!" Macy started sobbing, freaked out beyond belief.  What had just happened?  Fires broke out throughout the home.  Her home.  She sobbed harder. "I have to help..."

"Stay on the phone with me, ma'am," the operator was telling her.  "Help is on the way."

"I... I don't see my Auntie Liz..."
"Are you okay?" Jason asked, grabbing a small fire extinguisher from his car.  For a moment, he'd thought Moudy was burning, but he'd actually just been scorched from the blast.  "It's okay, Moudy," he said, glancing around at all the new fires springing up. 
He saw the door go up in flames.

"Oh God," he groaned.  "Who's inside?" he asked Moudy frantically, shaking him when Moudy didn't answer.   "Moudy, is anyone still inside?"
"Liz... is... gone..." Moudy said, staring at the bench.

"Good.  She's safe at the dive bar.  Are the kids inside?" he asked again, scanning the crowd and trying to ascertain if their kids were safe.  He saw Macy by the front door, sobbing.  "Where's Lacie and Jackson? Are they inside?" he asked.

Moudy just shook his head, apparently in shock.  "She's gone..." he said numbly, dropping to his knees.

"MOUDY! Pull it together! Were are the KIDS?"

Jackson and Lacie stood in the front room, staring at the fires streaking across the front of the home.  "Holy crap!" Jackson said, the controller slipping from his hand numbly.
"DAD!" he cried out.  "We're in here!"
Macy heard Lacie and Jackson's cries from the front room.  "DAD!" she screamed.  "Lacie! Jackson! They're inside! I hear them!"
Jason left Moudy on his knees and raced to the front door.  "We've got to save Jackson," he called over his shoulder.
The first responder on the scene stared in horror at the scene unfolding.  "Clear a path!" she called out firmly, trying to work her way through the crowd. 

"UPSTAIRS!" Jackson called, grabbing Lacie's hand and dragging her towards the stairs.  "We've got to get upstairs!"  He coughed, the smoke making it difficult to speak and breath.

Lacie stumbled after him.

Soon there were more firefighters on the scene, working to control the fire.

Jason looked around and felt a chill pass over his spine.  Death and Destruction had visited his home.
Finally the firefighters succeeded in breaking down the door.
They ran through the house, calling out orders and working quickly to extinguish the flames.

The family waited on the front steps, anxiously waiting for an all-clear to come inside.  They held their breath, praying Jackson and Lacie were alright.  It'd been awhile since he'd heard their cries, Moudy thought, fearing the worst.

To have lost his entire family in one fell swoop was almost more than he could bare.
Jason flipped his phone open without looking at the caller id.  He was surprised to hear a strange female asking him out on a date.  "Now's a bad time," he snapped, angrily hanging up.  He was going to have to change his number.


Jason spun around and saw Lacie walking towards him, covered in ash and grime.  "Oh baby!" he crooned, opening his arms.
Lacie stumbled into his arms and began sobbing.  He tightened his arms around her, trying to comfort her after the horrific shock they'd had.  "Are you okay?" he asked tightly, searching for burns.  "The paramedics will be here soon," he promised.

"Jackson?" Moudy hollered, running inside like a wild man.  "Jackson?" his voice broke.
"I'm right here," his son called, coughing.
Moudy ran to him and tugged him into his arms.  "Oh plumbbob, I thought I lost you," he cried, feeling no shame in the tears that tracked down his ashy cheeks.
"I'm okay.  Man, that was hella crazy!" Jackson said, his good humor surfacing.  Moudy saw his son, the spitting image of Liz, smile up at him.  "Where's Mom? Did she see the blast?"
Pain lanced through Moudy's heart.  Liz....
Moudy wasn't sure how to break the news to his son.  "She... your mom... " he swallowed.  "She didn't make it," he whispered hoarsely, as though he had to force the words from between his lips.
"Mom? She's... she's gone?" Jackson asked, the smile and the light in his eyes swiped out.

Moudy let out a shuddering sob.  "I'm so sorry, Jax," he managed to say through the tears.  "I'm so sorry..."

(AN:  OH. MY. GOD.  I'm still trying to process this.  I saw the meteor hit and I think I was in shock for a moment or two! Lol.  And it freaking landed almost right on top of Liz! I kept looking, but I never saw the stupid shadow that was supposed to show where it was going to land.  DANGIT! 

 Oh. My. God.  FOCUS, Lady! We have a fire to put out!!
 And no - now is not that time to go on a date!

Really? A whole $2969 after a freaking meteorite takes out a loved one?  Why the heck am I paying insurance?!

And to add insult to injury...


Oh my gosh. I'm done with this generation!   I think the twins are about to age up quick & go to college.  Lol.

**end rant)

(Oh wait, apparently one more thing:
 He stole the meteor.  :/  )



    This generation has really thrown everything in the air!

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    1. I KNOW! Lol. I almost died from shock when the meteor landed right on top of Liz.

      What kills me is that I was all proud of how happy Liz, Moudy & Jackson where - especially compared to Jason and his dysfunctional family.

      And BOOM - there goes Liz!

      Next generation, please! Lol

  2. LOL he stole the meteor... oh wow... dang... wow...

    1. I know! I almost died when I saw the burglar alert. Really? They haven't been through enough? The whole family had gone over to Rio's to sleep for the night, so the house was empty.

      I caught the end of it & scanned, trying to figure out what the stupid thief took & laughed when I realized it was the meteor.


  3. This chapter deserves a prize and a standing ovation. That was really out of the blue.

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    1. *facepalm* I shouldn't be surprised that this chapter jumped shark. This generation has LOVED throwing me off!

      Oh, I'm plenty sad for Liz! I just stared at the screen, trying to figure out how it all went so, so, so horribly wrong. Lol

      The burglar was the icing on the cake! Really? You think they needed to be burglarized tonight, too? Really?!

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    This family generation is intense. Have me on the edge, literally. Hahahaha!
    I can't wait for Lacie to move on and out honestly. Lol! Macy is becoming so sweet and crushing on a fellow teen is so cute!
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      Well... I always give the heir-dom to my eldest Sim. We're going to have to put up with Lacie for another 5-6 Sim-weeks!

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      I know. Seriously. The burglar stealing the meteor was hilarious! Oh Sims - you slay me sometimes!

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      I was so devastated when it landed practically on top of Liz! Losing Liz definitely overshadowed everything else! I couldn't even look at the game for a few days! I <3 Liz!